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Workers' Rights

Freedom of Association Protocol

Promoting workers’ rights in Indonesia

A young female factory worker, one of many, sits at a sewing machine in crowded conditions making garments.

The Freedom of Association Protocol supports the rights of women and men producing for global brands in Indonesia to join unions and bargain collectively for better working conditions making a change. On June 7th 2011 an historic protocol on freedom of association was signed by Indonesian trade unions, employers and multinational sportswear brands including Adidas, Nike, Puma, Pentland, New Balance and Asics. The Freedom of Association protocol gives companies a practical set of guidelines on how to uphold and respect the rights of workers to join together to achieve decent pay and better working conditions. Play Fair calls on all footwear and garment brands sourcing from Indonesia to endorse and sign the protocol. Find out how the brands who support the protocol are performing Find out about the making of the FOA Protocol: Watch the short documentary, Negotiating Freedom Read the Protocol

Which companies support FOA in Indonesia?

Core team brands and brands who recently signed on
These brands participated in protocol negotiations and have committed to implementing the protocol across their Indonesian suppliers.
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Pentland
  • New Balance
Companies who have refused to support the Protocol
These brands have been contacted about signing the protocol but have explicitly refused.
  • TBA

See how brands are performing

The role of Indonesian unions

A large factory of workers, sit crowded together, hunched over and sewing garments.

KASBI, SPN, Garteks, GSBI and SBSI unions worked together for more than 18 months to draft and negotiate the region’s first FOA Protocol. In December 2011, the SPTSK KSPSI union also became a signatory. These unions collectively represent more than 700,000 factory workers in Indonesia. These unions continue to work together to monitor implementation of the protocol and ensure factory workers can access its benefits. Read reports from the factory floor


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